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Title: The Selby is in Your Place

Author: Todd Selby

Todd Selby seems to know all the coolest people. As a longtime fashion and interiors photographer, it’s only to be expected that he’d be welcome in the homes of Karl Lagerfeld, Simon Doonan, Christian Louboutin, and Helena Christensen. But Todd also just seems to know crazy, quirky people, most of whom have the most crazy, kooky, splendid, lovely, drool-inducing houses and apartments I’ve ever seen. Take for instance Karl Lagerfeld’s jaw-dropping library or Simon Doonan’s giant foot sculpture that doubles as a ping-pong chair.

Not really an interior design book and not really just a photography book, The Selby in is Your Place is nevertheless just a book you want. It makes you excited about your home, opening doors in your mind as you start to imagine if your own apartment could ever look this cool. But it’s something about Todd’s eye, his genius for capturing moments and finding angles that wake up spaces and make them seem extraordinary. Oh and did I mention the book comes with stickers? Yeah, there are stickers.


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Title: I Am Plastic, Too

Author: Paul Budnitz


Who says toys are just for kids? I mean, seriously, you can’t tell me that you weren’t ecstatic that time you were at home digging through your old stuff and you happened upon your My Little Ponies! Or your Pog collection! Man, I had a great slammer. What I’m trying to say is, we don’t have to be satisfied with the memories from our childhood. Because there’s a whole world of toys out there made just for you and me. And the best place to look for them is at Kidrobot. Or you could get a thorough overview of the designer toy world in a new Book From My Desk, I Am Plastic, Too. The second book from Kidrobot, this volume contains all the hottest artists and illustrators pumping out creepy, crazy, and cute little toys perfect for your cubicle. I have a Santa with a skull-and-bones Santa hat and a bottle of boozy eggnog looking at me right now! He’s been celebrating all year round and is just working up to the holiday buzz.

Suddenly I really, really wanted that Smorkin’ Labbit (a rabbit with a cigar for the uninitiated). The big silver one! Or this awesome blinged-up Gorilla by Da TeamBronx. With toys from over 140 artists and companies from six continents, the book features all the latest, coolest collectibles. Some are one-of-a-kind creations that draw huge bids on eBay, while others go for a couple dollars on Kidrobot’s website. I’ve been eyeing that walrus plushie for awhile now. . . (click “Continue Reading” for pictures!) (more…)

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